Enhanced Recording  - User Guide

Enhanced Recording  - User Guide



  • Login
  • Calls Tab
  • Forms Tab
  • Evaluations Tab
  • Admin




Account name


Username (email address format)


User assigned password


Calls Tab    

Search dropdown

Allows you to select any number of random calls for playback or evaluation. You can also filter for calls less than or greater than a set number of seconds

Audio Player

Allows start/pause/stop of selected file

Includes volume control and download button


Export Options   

There are 2 ways to export information from the Enhanced Recorder


  1. Do a search to narrow down the results list to the specific calls you are looking for. You must do this prior to the steps below to get the proper results mceclip4.png
  2. Export to Excel
    • Click this button to download a spreadsheet listing all of the calls from the search result           mceclip1.png
  3. Export to Zip
    • Click this button to be emailed a link for downloading a zipped file with the calls attached mceclip3.png
    • This may take some time to receive as it processes the request. More calls or longer calls will take longer.
    • Each file name includes the metadata for that recording - Date - time - extension - calling number
    • Click on any file to play it

    • These files are meant for long term archive storage only and cannot be imported back into the recorder for searching. If you wish to use the Enhanced Recorder for search and playback, you will want to extend your retention time (see Admin - Settings) rather than exporting the files

Evaluate Button   

Allows evaluation of all calls on page



Call List

Columns - Can be re-ordered in ascending or descending order. Searches can be executed based on column information


Call Details

Arrow - show additional call information and add notes to a call



Check box - selects the call

 Evaluate icon - creates an evaluation of the selected call

 Playback icon - starts playback of selected call in the player

  Download icon - downloads a copy of the selected call

Caller Name

Displays the caller ID information of the caller as displayed on the phone

Caller Number

Displays the caller number


Displays channel resource that was called


Displays call length in seconds


Displays date and time of call


Displays whether call has been evaluated


Displays the evaluation notes


Call list navigation

                Click the numbers or arrows at the bottom of the page to view the list

                Items per page can be changed from the dropdown option



Forms Tab 

Create QA Form Button

  Click to create a new form. Give it a Name and then click Create

Click Add Section

Click Add Question

Type question

Select answer type

            Multiple - checking all options will score 100%

Single -  checking highest value option will score 100%

Slider - checking highest value option will score 100%

Type answer and select a value

Click Add Answer to add additional answers and values

When finished, Click Save Question

To remove the question, click Remove Question

To remove an answer, click trash can

To reorder a question or answer, hover over the question or answer, then use the blue arrows that will appear to the left to move the question or answer up or down

Continue to add sections, questions and answers until form is complete

To save the form click Save

To save and publish the form click Save And Publish (note: the form can be used for evaluations once it is published)


Forms List



To edit or delete a form

  Edit - opens selected form for editing

Open the form, click , re-open the form to edit, then click 

Important! - Once a form is published, questions cannot be changed. Only existing answers and values can be edited

 Delete – deletes selected form



Name of form


User that created the form


Displays status of form


Date that form was created


Evaluations Tab

Forms List



To edit or delete an evaluation

 Edit - opens selected form for editing

 Delete – deletes selected form


Name of evaluation


User that performed evaluation



Calling party information


Called party information


Supervisor approval status of evaluation – Yes, No , Pending


Scoring (in percent) of evaluation


Date that evaluation was performed


Displays notes in Evaluation Notes field






 Create User Button

   Click to create a new user

First Name

Last Name

Email (username)



Admin (Add users, view reports)

Supervisor (Create forms, approve evaluations)

Evaluator (Evaluate calls)

Non selected - basic playback only

Click Create

After creating you can edit the following

Select Time option to limit playback to last 1 or 2 hrs

Destination Channel - Select accessible resources (none selected grants access to all resources)


User List



To edit or delete a user

 Edit - opens selected user for editing

 Delete – deletes selected user

First Name

First name of user

Last Name

Last name of user



Username (email address) of user


Date user was created





Sets retention parameters for automatically deleting calls

Space Used

Lists the amount of local storage space used


Saves updated information

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