Brivo Basic Philosophies

Credential Safety

-Cards should be kept away from other access cards while scanning, this could cause interference -Cards will not work inside RFID blocking wallets

There are 3 basic design philosophies for managing access to you facility
-Fully Secure – “security is primary, ease of use secondary”
-Partially Secure – “balance of security and ease of use”
-Entry only – “replacing functionality of lock and key” (not recommended)

Please note that this is not a security system, but rather a means to control permission and schedules for people and doors.

Doors typically consist of the following components
-credential reader (where you swipe your key card)
-door status sensor (monitors whether the door is opened or closed)
-request to exit sensor (monitors your proximity to the door)
-a type of electric lock (electric strike or mag lock) to lock/unlock door

Permissions are managed via users, doors and groups
-users and door are assigned to groups that have specific permissions
-Your system was configured per the User Form that you filled out during the installation project
-When assigning users and cards, be sure to include cards for access by other outside businesses such as delivery, cleaning Company, contractors, etc. These can be distributed as needed and returned to you when done or you can hand them out for ongoing use

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