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Brivo Onair, the cloud-based access control solution, is an intuitive, easy to administer and can be accessed using any web browser in any operating system. The interface is intuitive and easy to use.

In this short video, you’ll learn how to create a new user for your Brivo Onair system.

With Brivo Onair, our cloud-based platform takes care of the heavy lifting for your access control system—and you can access and administer it from anywhere, using any computer with a web browser. Our intuitive interface is designed to make your work as a system administrator as straightforward and simple as possible.  

Here’s how to create a new user for your Brivo Onair access control solution:

  1. After you’ve successfully logged in to your Brivo Onair account, hover your mouse over the User tab in the top menu bar, then select New User from the drop-down menu that appears. This action will open the New User page.
  2. Enter the new user’s first and last names in the text entry boxes.
  3. If your doors have key pads, enter a PIN. A PIN can be 4 to 8 digits. If you’d like the system to generate a random PIN, simply click the button next to the PIN entry that shows the correct number of digits for your system’s PINs—that is, the 4button will generate a 4-digit PIN, the 5 button will generate a 5-digit PIN, and so on. Otherwise, leave this field blank.
  4. If your doors have card readers, assign a card to the user by entering the card number directly, or by clicking the Select button to view a pop-up list of all your currently unassigned cards. A user can have as many as 16 cards assigned to them. Otherwise, leave this field blank.
  5. Set the dates for the user’s access privileges. The Effective From date automatically defaults to today’s date. If you want to set a later date for the privileges to take effect, simply change it. The To field remains empty by default. However, if the user’s privileges will expire on an established date, you can enter it here.
  6. Add an image. You have the option to upload an image of the user and associate it with their account. Click Upload Photo to upload an existing image, or Take Phototo take a new image with a webcam.  
  7. Assign the user to a group. Click Add Group and select the appropriate group from the pop-up window.

When you’re satisfied that all the information is correct, click Save User. That’s all there is to it—with Simply Better Security from Brivo Onair.    

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Created: 2019-01-31 15:41:47 UTC
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