Eagle Eye Quick Start

Our cloud based video is the best way to keep an eye on people and spaces to manage safety and events


Please note that this is not a security system but rather a monitoring system to manage specific areas of your facility


Video systems typically consist of the following components

-cameras including video doorphones

-local dedicated network video switch

-local video bridge

-cloud based services and storage


Permissions are managed via users

-users are assigned  to specific cameras with full or view-only access

-Your system was configured per the User Form that you filled out during the installation project


Follow the guide below to setup users, schedules and cards




  1. Visit to login with the credentials previously set up. 


2.  You will be greeted with your layout.


3. In the picture above, where it says "Common Areas" click, and then click "new layout" and you will see what's below.


4. Select how many cameras you want per row, and any other option's you'd like to change, name it, and then click "add cameras" Select the cameras you'd like to have in this layout, then click "Save"


5. To view live video from the layout page, just click on the image of the camera you'd like to view. You will get a "flash" error. Follow the link here to fix the flash error.


6. To view recorded video, click on the clock icon on the image you want to view, shown below



7. This will bring up this page. The controls here are self explanatory. You can choose a date from the calendar button. Play/Pause with the "Play" button. You can select the time you'd like to view on the current day by dragging the timeline (with the blue vertical stripes, which symbolize motion) TO the red line in the middle. You can change the scale of what is shown on the timeline with the "8 Hr" "2 Hr" "10 Min" "1 Min"


8. You can click the "Download" button to download the video clip to your computer. The page below will pop up. You can select the time, name it, and select whether you want the time stamp on the footage. Then click download.



9. After you click download you will see this message, as shown below. It is best to minimize the window, go back to the main Eagle Eye page, and click the notification flag in the upper right. Shown in the right screenshot below.


8.png 9.png

10. Once you click the flag, it will show you your download, click the notification to start the download to your computer



For Android/iPhone apps, search the Play Store on Android and the App Store on iPhone for "Eagle Eye Viewer" Shown below. iPhone is on the left, Android on the right.

iOS Application 

Android Application

  1. After downloading, you will sign into the app with your e-mail and password, the same as the web page.
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