Managed Service

Managed Access Control is a fully managed service which means you do not have to administer the system yourself. You can contact the VanBelkum Helpdesk and we will take care of it for you.

To fill your request, simply provide us with the appropriate information below. Once this information is received we can complete this order and send you the confirmation via this ticket.

Add or change a user
• User’s First Name
• User’s Last Name
• Car number (if you have spare cards)
• Door Access Group(s) to place them in - this gives access to specific doors and schedules

Delete a user
• User’s First Name
• User’s Last Name

Change a door schedule
• Door name
• Door open schedule
• One time occurrence vs repeating daily or weekly

For security purposes, if you do not have spare cards, we highly recommend that you send an authorized representative to our office to pick up the new card(s). You may also request that we ship it to you. Though we cannot guaranty safe delivery, we can deactivate a lost or stolen card.

Should you want to get more familiar with your system or do some of the administration yourself, these training links will show you how. The access control interface also contains a comprehensive "help" section. Just click the help button and it automatically brings you to the help topic for your current page.

Your doors will require a secondary means (such as a key) to lock or unlock them in event of a system failure. You can then simply manage your doors manually until the system is restored.

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